Been wandering around the city all day long and need a refreshing ending to your sweaty day? Treat yourself to a massage and you’ll be fully charged of energy again. But question: at which spas in Saigon will you get the best massage? You can ask Mr. Google, or if you have begun reading these words, keep reading till the end.

Massage in Vietnam

best massage spas in Saigon

Thousands of years ago, people have already resorted to using their hands to help reduce pain by pressing, rubbing, kneading, etc. on parts of the body. Over time, skills had developed, people have created a technique based on using the cleverness of hands and the therapy of acupuncture, which wasn’t called “massage” until recently. It is said that Vietnamese massage takes effect from Chinese; however, we can always find the differences between these styles: focus on kneading, working out the knots in your muscles.

There are mainly 2 kinds of massage in Vietnam: the Vietnamese traditional one and the Thai style since the demand of Thai massage is quite high. Below recommendations of spas in Saigon include both of them. But before revealing, there is an “old-fashion” fact about massage in Vietnam that I think quite interesting to know.

Massage Meant Something Else…

facial massage spas in Saigon

When it came to massage parlors, people used to think of a place only for men. Those massage parlors were thought to be where guys came for adultery. And as a matter of fact, there used to be thoughts that if a guy was seen going in/out a massage parlor, he would be considered a playboy. But things look better today. More and more people seek for where to have the best massages on a regular basis, inlcluding girls. People realize that massage is a great way to relax after a day of hustling and bustling for life in this big city. So, there is no worry, just keep calm and enjoy your massage in Ho Chi Minh city, because you are going to be introduced to the 5 best spas in Saigon.

A glance at best spas in Saigon:

1. Cat Moc Spa, 61-63 Tran Dinh Xu S.t, District 1

best deep tissue massage spas in Saigon

There is the reason why Christina’s put Cat Moc Spa on our recommendations map. This place is one of the top spas in Saigon. Located on Tran Dinh Xu, a non-busy street in District 1, 500 meters from Pham Ngu Lao backpacker area, it is very easy to find. The area is well-decorated with calming lights, natural melodies and delicate aroma scents that blend through the air flowing through the Vietnamese architecture, which brings you peace from the very first moment you step in. This spa will pay for your transportation to get there (one way). All you need to do is tell the receptionist the amount of money that you paid for your taxi (or Uber), they will refund right after.

The average price is around $10 for 30 minutes treatment and they provide you many choices ranging from Swedish massage, Traditional Thai massage, Hot Stone massage, Vietnamese herbal relaxing massage, facial/body skincare and other beauty services. For a recommended package? The 75-minute long Hot stone therapy is ideal when you need a total relaxation. Otherwise, the 30-minute long foot care after a whole day of walking exploration of the city should be great. And just a small note, you should make a reservation if you’re going with a group of more than 2 people.


2. Miumiu spa, 84 Ngo Duc Ke S.t, District 1

best spas in ho chi minh city

Miumiu has 4 spas in Saigon, all located in District 1, but the one on Ngo Duc Ke street is the most central one due to its golden location: right in front of the Bitexco Financial Tower and just 800 meters from Ben Thanh Market. The modern Asian-style architecture of Miumiu Spa combined with the subtle decorative furniture and the tranquil ambiance of melodious music will melt your tension.

where to get a massage in Saigon

Besides the Vietnamese and Thai massage, Miumiu also introduces you the Shiatsu massage from Japan which focuses on using one’s fingertips only instead of combining the elbow, knee, and clenched fingers during the massage. This treatment is believed to relieve stress, lower back pain, digestive discomfort, headaches and so much more such as helping with fertility and reproductive issues.

There are only two 30-minute services for you to choose: the quick foot or quick body massage. The rest of your options are above 60-minute long which won’t let you down. The fresh ginger essence massage is my favorite among patrons. You could give it a try. Do not worry about tipping as the service fees include a tip for the staff. They will also provide hand-made antioxidant juice before services begin and a cup of Vietnamese tea after. And one last thing, credit cards are accepted and you need to book 24 hours ahead of time. This spa is quite busy, especially on the weekends.

3. Saigon Heritage Spa, 69 Hai Ba Trung S.t, District 1

best spas in Saigon district 1

Ranking number 1 on Tripadvisor among the best spas in Saigon, this can’t be recommended any better. Just a few steps from the Saigon Opera House, this is such an ideal place to relax your body. Saigon Heritage welcomes you with its cozy atmosphere, lovely staff and especially the mysterious hallway which are all good signs for an amazing massage.

best spas in saigon district 1

This spa is very proud of their massage therapists who were trained very carefully before joining the line of in-service massage therapists. They specialize in traditional massage & spa aroma oil from Vietnam & Thailand. Beauty services, like facial care, for example, are just the side services.

If you ever come here, consider getting the golden package: 40 minutes of body massage with hot stones, with a 30-minute long scrub with THANN salt scrub and a 10 minutes shower. The fascinating hot stones with the added fresh cucumber facial pack will give you the best experience ever. Afterward, a cup of blooming flower tea leaf from the mid provinces of Vietnam is a good way to bring back your consciousness. “Good service, good price” is a perfect way to describe this place.

4. Moc Huong Spa, 9C Ton Duc Thang S.t, District 1

best spas in Saigon district 1

For one looking for the best spas in Saigon for a massage, Moc Huong should be on the top of the list. For first-timers, it might be a little bit overwhelming because of their extensive menu. They offer a wide range of treatments; from body massage (Hawaiian, Thai, Shiatsu, Swedish, Aromatherapy, Four-Hands, Six-Hands, and their signature Moc Huong Body Treatment), to foot treatments, pedicure and manicure, and facials.

To make it easier for you, keep in mind the 90 minutes Moc Huong signature package: perfect amount of time, lots of interesting rubs and stretches. This is also such an ideal place for busy people or those who play sports to take a break. They add express and sports massage with plenty of selections for you to pick and you can even ask the massage therapist to focus on a particular part: head, shoulders, legs, feet, hands, arms, back or neck or you can name them all.

best massage spas district 1 saigon

There are both male and female massage therapists for you to choose from and you can even get a massage with two therapists at a time and with an appropriate level of strength based on what you require. Afterward, you will be served a cup of cool tea and a plate full of candied ginger and lotus seeds. Advance bookings are not essential, however, we recommend you to call at least 2 hours prior to reserve your appointment. Easy to access location, reasonable prices and a wide range of services, you can’t find any better place.

5. Golden Lotus Spa, 15 Thai Van Lung S.t, District 1 or 139 Ton Nhat Tien S.t, District 7

best spas in Saigon district 1 and district 7

Golden Lotus is a Korean-style spa and also known as the first family spa in Vietnam. If you are traveling with your family, this shouldn’t be missed. You can bring the whole family for a Jjim Jil Bang (sauna room), for a Korean style experience. However, the Jjim Jil Bang is only available at Golden lotus spa at 139 Ton Nhat Tien S.t, D.7, which is a bit far from the city center.

where to get a massage in saigon

The Korean style spa treatment is fantastic but the massage services here are also great options and will undoubtedly satisfy you. You won’t have any problem figuring out which service you would get since their menu is so simple and clear. They also have a restaurant here so you can enjoy some food after your amazing massage. As a recommendation, the 90-minute body massage with hot stones would be great.

These spas in Saigon go above and beyond to provide you with the ultimate experience. Now close your browser and head for your massage. A super relaxing rest-of-the-day is waiting for you!

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